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Your address for physiotherapy & orthopaedic manual therapy right in the heart of Bonn

Start enjoying your life again without any strains and
pursue the things that are important to you.

Do you feel limited by pain or an injury, or want to improve your overall physical fitness? Our physiotherapists will work together with you to develop a therapy plan to ensure that your quality of life is no longer restricted.

By combining treatment in our practice with at-home exercise plans, we will help you get back to your active everyday life quickly!

Step by step to your personal goal

Do you suffer from impairments of the musculoskeletal system or limited mobility? Make your first appointment now!

Being able to start your treatment quickly is important to us. We usually allow new patients a first appointment within two to three days.

We are located close to Bonn’s main railway station at Meckenheimer Allee 67.

Get your active lifestyle back:

Our physiotherapy services

We want you to be free of restrictions in your everyday life as soon as possible. Together, we will define your personal therapy goal and provide you with home exercise plans in addition to the treatments in our practice to get you back on your feet quickly.


Physiotherapy with
exercise equipment

Orthopaedic manual therapy

Health Coaching

Personal Training

CMD/ TMJ Treatment

Sports physiotherapy

Heat therapy

Manual Lymph drainage

Shoulder, knee and spine –

our core focus

Our physiotherapy practice has an orthopaedic focus, and as such specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury. Our physiotherapists specialise in the areas of shoulder, knee and spine.

We focus on physiotherapy and orthopaedic manual therapy.

Physiotherapists and coaches
for an active lifestyle

As physiotherapists and coaches, we are committed to helping you regain your active everyday life as soon as possible. Our goal: Helping you to help yourself. If you want to actively assist your own regeneration, you are in safe hands with us.

Most commonly, our patients seek rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, or after having suffered from persistent pain that could not be relieved so far.

Due to our extensive sport- and activity-specific functional training, many of our regular patients include athletes and people who rely on maximum physical fitness on a daily basis, such as police officers, cross-fitters or firefighters.

Sometimes the cause of pain cannot be explained with medical imaging, and your MRI, CT or x-ray results may not show up any peculiarities. That’s why we take a deep dive into the analysis of your symptoms to figure out the cause of your symptoms.

Since cause and effect are not always located close to each other, we take a holistic approach with the biopsychosocial model, taking into account factors beyond the anatomy that seemingly causes pain. With this therapeutic approach, the person is considered as a biological individual combined with their psyche, including social and personal aspects.

Our international team speaks German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What our patients say about us

„I have been undergoing treatment with Mr Mendes for a few weeks. After my knee operation, I got an appointment within a very short time and Mr Mendes managed to get me fit for everyday life again quickly. The whole thing is done with a lot of wit, charm and cordiality, so that even unpleasant exercises are easy to endure.

Mr Mendes takes a lot of time for his patients and I felt well advised and cared for at all times – both through his expertise, but also on a human level. The practice is bright, friendly and clean and has modern equipment. As far as the daily homework is concerned, Mr Mendes is quite “strict” and expects active cooperation. Just the right thing if you want to get back on your feet quickly.“

„After my accident and subsequent shoulder surgery, I had 2 months of therapy and rehab. Unfortunately, every doctor and physiotherapist had a different theory about whether and how I could be helped. I was accordingly suspicious when I went to Carlos on the recommendation of an acquaintance.

Fortunately, I was proven wrong. Carlos was able to explain to me conclusively what was wrong and has accompanied me therapeutically to this day. My movement is almost completely restored. Moreover, the personal contact with him is very nice.“

Get back on your feet quickly:

Welcome to our physiotherapy practice

Make your first appointment today! Starting your treatment as quickly as possible is important to us, which is why we schedule appointments for new patients within two to three days.

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