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Orthós - Your practice for physiotherapy & orthopaedic manual therapy in the centre of Bonn

Whether you need to relieve chronic pain, recover swiftly from a surgery or sports accident – whatever brings you to us, we will help you get back to active everyday life as soon as possible.

We specialise in orthopaedic complaints, i.e. complaints of the entire musculoskeletal system, such as the shoulder, spine and knee.

The services of our physiotherapy practice in Bonn include:

  • Orthopaedic manual therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy with exercise equipment

Orthós physiotherapy in Bonn:

More about us

Our physiotherapy practice is located at Meckenheimer Allee 67, right around the corner of Bonn’s main railway station, which means that you can easily reach us by public transport. The practice has barrier-free access.

We are open to private and self-paying patients. Our practice is approved for all statutory health insurance companies.

We are an international team and speak German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our modern medical training area is equipped with rehabilitation training equipment and rowing endurance machines.

Helping you to help yourself:

Our philosophy

We welcome people who want to actively promote their health. As physiotherapists, we see ourselves first and foremost as coaches who can support you in your regeneration, and we are committed to getting you back on track quickly. In order to achieve this, we need your active participation in between treatments. Therefore, we provide you with the necessary “tools” and show you how to use them for your long-term benefit.

What we don’t offer is quick fixes in form of massage therapy that do not address the underlying core issues that cause you pain.

It is particularly important to us to take full advantage all conservative treatment options and only recommend surgery only when absolutely necessary.

Our team –

your specialists for musculoskeletal complaints

We keep our expertise up-to-date through ongoing training, so that the newest scientific developments are incorporated into our treatment at all times.

Our team in Bonn consists of:

Carlos Mendes​

Main focus: Orthopaedic manual therapy, physiotherapy
Languages: German, Portuguese, English, Spanish
Qualifications & Experience: 2015 Manual therapist at the Institute for Applied Manual Therapy in Berlin Foundation of the Schulternetzwerk Deutschland e.V. with colleagues from different professions 2012 Physiotherapist at the M&I School of Physiotherapy in Bad Pyrmont

Aaron Wagner

Main focus:Running school
German, English

Treating both cause and effect:
Our approach

When you are in pain, reaching for painkillers is often the first impulse to quickly alleviate the problem. However, the problem with this is that you are only tackling the symptoms, and not the cause.

Sometimes the cause of your complaints cannot even be explained with medical imaging techniques. We analyse together with you what causes your pain despite the images of e.g. MRI, CT looking clean.

Cause and effect don’t always lie side by side at the location of your pain. That is why we work according to a holistic approach, the so-called biopsychosocial model, which takes into account factors beyond anatomy that can lead to impairments.

Knowing the root cause of the complaints is redeeming in itself because it offers you insights to yourself and your body’s workings. This is often the first step towards improvement and a life without complaints.

The biopsychosocial approach

This therapeutic approach considers the human being as a biological individual and adding to that the psyche and social aspect. So, for example, if we take someone with a rather passive lifestyle and lack of exercise compared to someone who has a very active everyday life and dances regularly: What does a serious impairment of the knee mean for each of them? They will be affected differently, and our approach takes these aspects into consideration..

The three levels of the biopsychosocial model consider the following factors, among others:

  • Biology: genetic predispositions, injuries, diseases.
  • Psyche: behaviour, attitudes, perception
  • Social: socio-economic status, social network, support

The meaning of „Orthós“

“Orthós” derives from the Greek meaning “upright”. Orthopaedics is therefore the science of walking upright or maintaining an upright posture.

Our physiotherapy practice bears the name “Orthós” in reference to physiological, anatomically appropriate movement. We help our patients to eliminate mobility deficits and reduce imbalances.

What our patients say about us

Since 2017, we are located right next to the main railway station of Bonn, on the corner of Meckenheimer Allee/ Quantiusstraße. Find out how patients have regained their body function and mobility:

“After 8 months of chronic discomfort in the shoulder, finally significant improvements thanks to physiotherapy. The physiotherapy at the competitor’s did not work, the cortisone injections did nothing. There is a plan behind this. You are really helped and it feels good to be able to help yourself through the exercises shown.

Appointments are made quickly, there are hardly any waiting times, the location directly behind the main railway station is practical and the contact is very friendly.

Highly recommended, especially to people with shoulder problems.

„After my accident and subsequent shoulder surgery, I had 2 months of therapy and rehab. Unfortunately, every doctor and every physiotherapist had a different theory about whether and how I could be helped. I was accordingly suspicious when I went to Carlos’ practice on the recommendation of an acquaintance.

Fortunately, I was wrong. Carlos was able to explain to me conclusively what was wrong and has accompanied me therapeutically to this day. My movement is almost restored. In addition, the personal contact with him was very nice.“

After a muscular injury to my back last year, the experienced sports doctor in a doctor’s surgery was the one who gave me 4 painful injections into my lower back, but the one who really solved my problem was Mr Mendes.

With a lot of time and even affection, he explained to me how everything is connected in such a condition – and that the brain first has to be convinced to leave the restraining posture and bring the muscles back into harmony. The approach was – to be honest – surprising for me, but overall really very helpful.

The practice has modern equipment, the treatment rooms are good, there are many “tools” there (barbell, Tera bands, TRX bands, bars, balls, weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells) and if you need help with your exercises or even homework to improve your posture or problem, this is the place for you. Thank you for the excellent treatment!

We help you get back your dynamic everyday life

It is important to us that you can start your treatment quickly. We usually allow new patients a first appointment within two to three days.

You will find us in the city centre of Bonn right behind the main railway station, at Meckenheimer Allee 67.

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