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Enjoy your everyday life again without being re-stricted by pain or injury

Do you enjoy an active lifestyle or are you an athlete, but an injury or pain is slowing you down? As physiotherapists, we accompany and coach our patients to help them to where they want to be.

How our physiotherapists create your treatment concept

Your therapy begins with a detailed anamnesis. Since the cause is often not at the location of the complaints, we take ample time for the analysis of your symptoms together with you.

We work with a holistic approach called the biopsychosocial model that takes into account the interplay of various factors.

Based on this, our physiotherapists create your personal treatment plan, which aims to help you regain freedom of movement as quickly as possible.

For sustainable therapeutic success, we combine different treatments to support not only the affected body regions, but the entire organism.

Our approach to physiotherapy & orthopaedic manual therapy
for persisting pain

Understanding the complaints

Through detailed analysis, we find the cause of your complaints, helping you to understand your symptoms better, and thus gain more control over your mobility limitation.

Addressing the cause

Through treatment in our practice combined with home exercise plans, we work with you to get you back to your active everyday life quickly.

Back to a healthy lifestyle

You will see and feel the success by an increasing freedom of movement. Spending carefree time with your family, working in a focused manner, enjoying your free time – all this becomes possible without restrictions again.

Physiotherapy & Orthopaedic Manual Therapy in Bonn –

The focus of our team of physiotherapists

Our physiotherapy practice specialises in complaints along the musculoskeletal system.

Our expertise lies particularly in the areas of:




Find out which clinical conditions we typically treat and for which complaints orthopaedic manual therapy is particularly suitable.

Services of our physiotherapy practice in Bonn

Physiotherapy can alleviate and improve illnesses, injuries or complaints through active and passive movements of the body.

Within physiotherapy, various techniques such as functional exercise, mobilisation, posture exercises or breathing exercises are trained.

Physiotherapy results from a comprehensive anamnesis. We explore which changes in e.g. posture, mobility, blood circulation or tension have led to the occurrence of complaints in joints or other structures.

Physiotherapy can help with, e.g.:

  • Orthopaedics (e.g. joint and spinal diseases, postural deformities)
  • Surgery, pre- and post-operative care (e.g. after operations of the locomotor system)
  • Sports care (e.g. rehabilitation after injuries)

Physiotherapy with exercise equipment is used for active rehabilitation, better physical awareness, more efficiency in everyday life or sports, and overall enjoyment of exercising. This form of therapy is suitable for any patient.

For physiotherapy with exercise equipment, we work with you in our training area with special rehabilitation training equipment on different muscle groups. This includes stabilisation and coordination exercises, as well as strengthening the cardiovascular system through endurance training, e.g. with a rowing machine.

Before we start with exercise equipment, we will come up an individual training plan that is optimally adapted to both your performance level and goals. We will accompany you during all training phases.

(Physiotherapy with exercise equipment is a self-pay service).

Orthopaedic manual therapy specifically examines and treats pain and ailments in the joint, muscle and nervous systems.

While physiotherapy focuses on the mobilisation of the individual body region, orthopaedic manual therapy focuses on the interaction of the entire musculoskeletal system.

We therefore treat not only the actual location of your pain, but analyse whether any strains have altered the statics of your body, leading to tensions and imbalances. It is often these interactions that cause pain in joints.

Orthopaedic manual therapy is evidence-based, i.e. it is based on clinical experience and the most recent scientific findings. The approach to therapy, its techniques and rehabilitation is based on the guidelines of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF).

Once the cause of your pain has been identified, three key elements of orthopaedic manual therapy contribute to regeneration:

  • Through manual therapeutic examination and treatment techniques as well as targeted manual techniques for mobilisation, affected areas in the joint, muscle and nervous system are stimulated to slowly restore active movement.

  • You actively participate in your recovery process: We will show you how lifestyle changes and self-management can help you to avoid straining yourself in the long term.

  • Together with you, we create the conditions to enable normal movement, leading to an alleviation of pain.

Manual therapy can be used to treat acute and chronic conditions such as:

  • Pain in the shoulder area

  • Knee pain, e.g. after cruciate ligament injuries or meniscus damage

  • Elbow problems such as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow

  • Back and intervertebral disc problems

  • Neck and cervical spine problems

  • Temporomandibular joint disorders

  • Osteoarthritis, e.g. in the hip, knee or spine

  • Nerve irritations, e.g. hands falling asleep, ischiatic pain

  • Headaches

  • Complaints affecting the hand, e.g. after fractures

  • Foot problems, tendon problems, e.g. Achilles tendonitis

If you want to recover even faster and establish a lasting healthy lifestyle, our health coaching is ideal for you.

Through new perspectives and behavioural changes, you yourself become a specialist for your health to live a healthier and more active life in the long run.

Our coaching is structured in four phases according to a biopsychosocial model. You will learn about all factors for long-term health and become an expert for your own lifestyle.

Phase 1: Identify and analyse problems

Before changing anything, we need to know about your current fitness status. Together, we will determine your status quo so that you can get started swiftly and soon feel more energised and revitalised.

Phase 2: Set concrete goals
We define your goals together so that your successes can be measured easily. Where do you want to be? What do you have to do to get there?

Phase 3: Set up the necessary measures and resources for a healthy lifestyle

Based on your needs and personal goals, we will tailor a coaching plan for your everyday life, choosing the tools that best suit you.

Possible elements are intensive training, active relaxation, more movement in everyday life, nutrition, mindfulness or knowledge enhancement in different subject areas.

In addition, we agree on milestones so that you can keep track of your success and, motivated by progress, continuously implement them. The more often you use your own tools, the faster you will achieve your goals.

Phase 4: Healthy behaviour is sustained

Watch as your behaviour starts to show results: energy level, health and mental strength improve. We measure your progress regularly so that you can also see the change in figures.

Gradually, the new habits will become so ingrained that they will become a permanent part of your everyday life.

Coaching is a self-pay service. We offer different packages depending on the goal and scope of the coaching. Please contact us for an individual offer.

Physical fitness, increasing athletic resilience, doing “even more” for your own health or training your posture – personal training focuses on your individual goals.

Based on your goals, we develop a personal training plan for you. We accompany you in the training sessions to ensure that the exercise is performed correctly and in line with your goals. You will receive a training plan with which you can additionally perform exercises independently at home in order to achieve success even faster.


Personal training is a self-pay service. You can book both individual sessions and packages. We will be happy to advise you on how to achieve your goals with coaching. Talk to us in the practice or send us a message.

Cranio-mandibular dysfunction (CMD) is a malfunction of the jaw and a widespread disorder of the masticatory system. This is understood to be a mismatch between the skull (cranium) and the lower jaw (mandible).

This misalignment leads to pressure on the surrounding musculature, which is thus stressed and strained in an unnatural way. Tension and pain, even in other parts of the musculoskeletal system, can be the result.

The complaints can be improved by manual therapeutic measures and exercises. The temporomandibular joint and all its surrounding structures are treated and balanced.

Both active and passive exercises promote blood circulation in the muscle and connective tissue and help to move the jaws in a more coordinated way.

CMD therapy is carried out in addition to treatment by a dentist or orthodontist. The exercises are particularly effective if they are also done at home. We will put together your personal programme.

The aim of sports physiotherapy is primarily to prepare for a competition or other sporting activities. The focus is on injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement. We create personalised training plans based on your goals, needs and prerequisites.

Everyone can benefit from sports physiotherapy, regardless of age or fitness level.

Heat therapy is mostly used to relieve tension. Applications such as mud therapy or warm packs promote blood circulation and thus support the healing process.

Cooling therapy has a pain-relieving effect on swellings and is mostly used after operations. Cold packs have an activity-increasing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Manual lymph drainage activates the lymphatic system through various massage and grip techniques. This supports the recirculation of tissue fluid into the venous system – swellings are reduced more quickly.

This form of therapy is used for all orthopaedic traumas and clinical pictures that are accompanied by swelling, such as dislocations, strains, sprains and torn muscle fibres. Manual lymph drainage is also used for swelling after operations.

Physiotherapy in Bonn:

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Being able to start your treatment quickly is important to us. We usually allow new patients a first appointment within two to three days.

We are located close to Bonn’s main railway station at Meckenheimer Allee 67.

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Our focus: Orthopaedic complaints

Have you been prescribed physiotherapy by your orthopaedist? Do you have complaints along the musculoskeletal system? Our physiotherapy practice right in the heart of Bonn specialises in orthopaedic physiotherapy and specifically in the areas of shoulder, knee and spine.

About our physiotherapy practice

Finally managing chronic pain, a swift recovery after an operation or a short regeneration after a sports accident – whatever leads you here, we will support you in regaining your active daily life as quickly as possible.

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